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Name: Kara D. Kelley, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Title: Industrial Relations Manager
Organisation: Clinical HR
Industry: Human Resources Consultancy

Clinical HR focuses on providing outsourced HR solutions to small to mid-sized dental and medical practices throughout the United States that do not require or are not able to handle such tasks internally. Since opening her firm in 2019, Kara has grown her business substantially, requiring her to rely on solutions to facilitate rapid growth at scale.

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The challenge

Distilling and clarifying legislation to help create content

Originally founded and focused on the needs of practices in Texas, Clinical HR has since expanded to provide services to dental and medical practices in 23 states. One of the key HR services Clinical HR provides to its clients is the writing, research and maintenance of employee handbooks.

As such, Kara must conduct extensive research into employment laws in each of the states and jurisdictions in which her clients are based. Kara also works as an educational speaker for HR consultants across her region.

Tasked with understanding and distilling extensive and varying laws that were applicable to her clients and speaking event attendees, Kara needed a solution that would allow her to conduct research and create employee handbooks at scale.

The results

Comprehensive resources helped scale services and supercharge profits

Kara first partnered with Brightmine in early 2023, when she saw a real spike in demand for her services. She needed a tool that would empower her to not only provide excellent service to clients at scale, but also ease the burden of production so she could focus on other essential business activities, such as marketing and business development. Brightmine enabled her to make this growth-focused shift.

“Brightmine provides me with resources that I can read and pull from with ease, reducing the amount of time and resources I spend researching. This empowers me to provide excellent service as I continue to grow,” says Kara.

Since beginning their partnership with Brightmine, Clinical HR has grown by 228% – more than doubling its top-line revenue year-over-year. Additionally, Brightmine resources freed her to focus on marketing and business development. As a result, Kara has been able to increase her profitability exponentially.

“Thanks to Brightmine, I’ve more than doubled my top-line revenue year-over-year, increasing my profitability by close to 500%,” explains Kara.

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All in all, partnering with Brightmine has allowed Clinical HR to provide a quality of service to their clients that is unparalleled, all while enabling exponential business growth. It has empowered Kara Kelley to establish her own personal brand as a best-in-class HR consultant and has enabled her to build her business on an unshakeable foundation.

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Kara D. Kelley, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
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“The more I use it, the more impressed I am with it. I ran my numbers after the first 90 days after implementation, and my revenue nearly doubled from the same period the year before. I 100% credit this to the efficiency I’ve gained by using Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre.”

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