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Name: Gemma Todd
Title: Head of HR Services and Projects
Organization: Kingswood Group
Industry: Human Resources Consulting

Kingswood Group is a leading expert HR solutions consultancy that partners with organizations across all industries to provide bespoke HR outsourcing and consulting solutions.

As head of HR services and projects, Gemma Todd needs access to accurate data to ensure Kingswood can provide the best service possible for its clients.


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The challenge

Racing to support multiple tasks across a variety of HR projects

Kingswood Group, established in 2018, is a boutique HR consulting firm with an extensive base of clients and partners from across all industries. Their active team is frequently under pressure to meet time-sensitive demands from various clients. They also need to stay on top of employment law changes, which can be a challenge.

Gemma Todd, Kingswood’s head of HR services and projects, is an experienced HR professional with over 25 years in the field, some of which has been at the board level.

When she joined Kingswood, she quickly realized that they were not working as effectively as they could. The HR resources tool Kingswood team members were using when she arrived had typos and, at times, was glitchy, making it very inefficient to work with. 

Kingswood needed a trusted and reliable partner that would support the group across their entire client lifecycle. Having used BrightmineTM, formerly XpertHR, in a previous role, Gemma quickly saw the opportunity to re-engage Brightmine at Kingswood.

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The results

Efficient processes and accurate guidance across the employee lifecycle

The HR & Compliance Center has become an invaluable resource for Gemma and her team, helping them create efficiencies and ensure quality client services in a variety of ways.

As Kingswood’s primary client base is small to medium-sized organizations, many of them don’t have complete HR departments. As their HR consultant, Kingswood often has to tailor template documents that suit their clients’ specific business requirements.

“If they want a specific clause, I’ve got the Brightmine model, and then I can write additional clauses or create those myself. We primarily support businesses in complying with UK law to ensure all essential documentation is in place with a good baseline. If my clients have a particular question on something, I can also go and look on Brightmine and state what the best way is forward,” explains Gemma.

Gemma also created onboarding packages from the Brightmine HR & Compliance Center resources and provides them to clients as an essential suite.

This has helped her save significant time when creating general templates for the clients and has greatly simplified the whole client onboarding journey. “I could have ten clients start tomorrow, and I can hit all of them in probably 24 hours now because of this.”

In addition to all the general requests from Kingswood’s clients, Gemma also uses Brightmine for ad hoc activities like TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) transfers, which have become more frequent post-pandemic.

“I haven’t been involved in any TUPE transfers since about 2010, so my current knowledge was limited. I know the principles, but everything has changed so much,” says Gemma. Brightmine was ideal as it provided a single place to understand the latest rules and regulations on TUPE, allowing her to ramp up her knowledge so she could guide clients effectively through this complex process.

Furthermore, she was also able to build documentation letters for both the outgoing and incoming organizations and prepare employee liability information. “Although there wasn’t a specific template for that, it gave me the information I needed to help me create a template to which I was able to add all the extra things I needed from that company to ensure we had all the right information. Also, I was able to build a Gantt chart to ensure all the milesones were being met, which is crucial in TUPE.” Gemma adds.

Kingswood Group

Gemma Todd
Head of HR Services and Projects

“Because Brightmine is keeping everything up to date, we know that we can just go through and check to make sure that it’s still on point, which allows us to operate efficiently and deliver a layer of value add tailored to each client.”

colleagues talking at a desk with a laptop


Brightmine provides an accurate and comprehensive collection of HR resources that support clients across the entire employee lifecycle. With Brightmine by her side, Gemma can focus on customizing documents and templates to fit each client’s unique needs. Now, she only needs to check her templates as and when she wants to make sure everything is still on point instead of putting excessive time and effort into building new templates.

“Because Brightmine is keeping everything up to date, we know that we can just go through and check to make sure that it’s still on point and covers legislative changes,” expressed Gemma.

This allows her to put together packages and offer resources much quicker, which has helped her to manage her costs and operate more effectively – ultimately enabling her to provide a service that matches the client’s needs.

As an HR consulting organization, Kingswood’s mission is to provide its clients with valuable solutions to help with HR problem-solving, and Brightmine has been supporting Gemma and Kingswood to accomplish their mission outstandingly. “Since I introduced the use of Brightmine, I have used the platform content, templates, or guidance for c. 80% of our entire client base, and it’s been an invaluable resource.”