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Fair pay improves the quality of talent you can attract and retain. With our continuous pay gap monitoring, you can make real progress on pay equity by proactively identifying and remediating existing gaps, and preventing more in the future. If you have employees in the UK, you can also leverage our precise salary benchmarking to ensure your total rewards remain competitive for new and existing employees.

By giving you access to continuous insight into your organization’s pay practices, we can help you improve recruitment outcomes, retention, productivity and more.

These Brightmine products can help you ensure fair pay

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Revolutionize your organization’s people, processes and HR strategy with the world’s most comprehensive collection of HR resources, spanning the entire employee lifecycle. 

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Reveal trusted, detailed insights from your workforce data that help you improve talent engagement, achieve pay equity and reduce risk. 

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Use data from the most robust compensation data set in the UK to motivate your employees and improve attraction and retention rates.

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Customer story: The SUEZ Group

Ensuring pay equity for all employees

With operational employees making up the majority of the UK workforce, SUEZ was experiencing occupational segregation, which resulted in a pay gap that the company was keen to improve on.

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The SUEZ Group

Sue Langdo

HR Systems Analyst

“Using the yearly results from Brightmine Pay Equity Analytics, we have intentionally focused on fair pay for all, which means increasing hourly pay rates for our lowest paid workers. We continue to be committed to paying our lowest-paid workers 10 pence above the National Living Wage regardless of age. Over the years Brightmine have continually upgraded their software. They provide lots of new features to enable companies to delve into their data and identify potential problems.”

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Condé Nast

“The Brightmine software has allowed us to feel confident about pay analysis. They have taken the time to understand us as a company, and their customer service has been above and beyond our expectations – responsive and endeavoring to meet our queries and demands as quickly as possible.”

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“Brightmine Pay Equity Analytics has provided us the data intelligence, insight and expertise we needed to better understand data in real-time, enabling us to take targeted action at every point in the employee life cycle.”

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The SUEZ Group

Sue Langdo

HR Systems Analyst

“Using Brightmine Pay Equity Analytics has enabled us to quickly and easily understand pay disparities in our organization.”