Automated Handbook Management

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Increase agility and reduce risk

We use AI to track, review and analyze your handbook to identify gaps and provide timely alerts on relevant legal developments.

By automating your handbook compliance, you can reduce risk while allowing your team to spend less time researching the latest legislation. Most importantly, you’re free to focus on the future.

Key features
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Save time and money with AI-enabled handbook analysis

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Stay compliant and mitigate risks of legislative changes

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Accurate, thorough and up-to-date legislative guidance

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Receive rapid alerts on the latest changes or updates to legislation

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Create or update employee handbooks easily with templates

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Share expertise and oversight with real-time document collaboration

How we help you

Constantly checking legislation and updating policies?

Concerned about gaps in your employee handbook?

Looking for expert support?

Want to explore more efficient ways of working?

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22% of organizations spend over a month maintaining handbooks

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Are you spending too much on legal services for handbooks?

Amy’s Kitchen

Ashley Park
Corporate Counsel

“Brightmine Automated Handbook Management has been an excellent solution for our compliance needs when it comes to our employee handbook and policies. The time I am required to spend on research and updates is a fraction of what it used to be when the work was manual, and I feel more confident in my organization’s compliance with the ever-changing employment law landscape. Updates are quick and easy, exporting the handbook is a breeze, and I am timely notified of any changes. The platform is a great tool for any team looking to reduce risk and save time!”

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