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Leveraging AI and human expertise

There is no doubt that AI is a fundamental part of the future of HR. It’s what has created the AI-enabled talent economy we find ourselves in. We can help HR leaders leverage this technology to drive value for the HR team and wider organization. Across our product portfolio, we leverage AI to reduce manual processes and identify gaps, enabling you to drive efficiencies and make informed decisions quicker.

Because we understand the value of human oversight, our technology is backed by our team of trusted experts who track over 2,450 laws and create comprehensive tools and resources that give HR leaders the advantage of knowing ahead of time what laws are coming and how this might impact their organization.

These Brightmine products can help you create efficiencies

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Access to the most comprehensive collection of HR resources makes managing your workforce, staying compliant and boosting productivity quicker and easier.

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Being able to quickly review compensation data from the most robust data set in the UK enables you to improve attraction and retention and motivate employees more effectively.

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With customizable filters and pre-made reports, you can make quicker decisions and implement more effective strategies to ensure pay equity.

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Customer story: BMSS, LLC

Streamlining HR compliance research

As an HR services manager for BMSS, LLC, Rebecca Tipton wears many hats. One of the most challenging parts of her job is the time-consuming task of managing the high volume of legislative and policy changes while remaining cost-efficient for her clients.

Trusted by the world’s best HR teams

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Clinical HR LLC

Kara Kelly

Business Owner

“I can personally say that the Brightmine HR & Compliance Center helped me grow my HR consulting business by 228% in 2023. I highly recommend it to every HR Consultant I connect with, including the 2,200+ members in my HR Consultants Mastermind group on Facebook! I’ve certainly benefited from your platform and am singing your praises any chance I get! The Brightmine HR & Compliance Center is my FAVORITE resource!”

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Hi-Wire HR Consulting

Britney Beck


“The Brightmine HR & Compliance Center makes my life easier as an HR Consultant. I have clients in various states and having the ability to stay up-to-date on federal and state laws all in one place is a time saver for me.”

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Pailton Engineering Ltd

Julie Preston

HR Manager

“I think the Brightmine HR & Compliance Center is a valuable tool and always use it for templates and advice. It has helped me through a redundancy and VR process. I am a stand-alone HR Manager and the Brightmine HR & Compliance Center saves me so much time having a one-stop shop for all my queries”

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Rebecca Tipton

HR Manager

“The Brightmine HR & Compliance Center provides very helpful information at a glance that includes source reference information. I have used it in a lot of ways, but one of the least expected benefits was the emails that come through daily identifying any changes to content based on legislative updates. These are so helpful in keeping up with state and municipality employment updates when you work with multiple states!”