Brightmine empowers HR leaders with critical data, analytics and insight

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Meeting the changing workforce landscape

Over recent years, the workforce has undergone a significant transformation, requiring businesses to navigate regulatory changes, talent strategy shifts and an increased focus on the employee experience. Brightmine recognizes the need for HR leaders to demonstrate clear data-driven decision-making and innovative approaches to enhance the HR function’s business value.

Empowering HR leaders with data-enabled insights

Brightmine understands that data-enabled insights are crucial for developing effective strategies to attract and retain employees, create brand advocates and gain a competitive advantage. However, HR leaders often struggle with outdated and fragmented approaches to data management, hindering their ability to drive their businesses forward.

The Brightmine product portfolio

The Brightmine product suite combines critical people data, AI-enabled technology, and trusted HR expertise to enable HR professionals to make informed decisions with confidence. The portfolio includes:

  • Compensation Planning & Equity Analytics empowers HR and compensation leaders to build talent management and reward strategies that improve employee engagement, achieve pay equity, and mitigate risk. Brightmine’s solutions provide continuous, trusted, deep insights directly from customers’ workforce data, and benchmark payroll data from the freshest industry data sets available.
  • Compliance Insight & Automation equips HR and compliance leaders with tools to craft robust HR strategies, manage diverse workforces, and navigate employment law efficiently. Brightmine’s distinctive approach integrates trusted human expertise and AI to proactively address compliance challenges, minimize risks and optimize HR operations for sustained success.

Commitment to delivering better business value

Brightmine has a strong commitment to excellence in HR, as evidenced by our partnership with over 10,500 global organizations. This transformation signifies our dedication to providing HR leaders with the insight and guidance needed to improve human and business outcomes.

As Brightmine embarks on its new brand journey, HR leaders can now leverage the company’s full capabilities to navigate the ever-evolving world of work with confidence.

We have several next steps to continue delivering on our mission to empower HR leaders with the insights they need to achieve brighter business outcomes.

We will focus on further developing and enhancing their product suite to meet the specific needs of HR professionals. This includes expanding data sources, refining our AI-enabled technology—including the launch of generative AI in the HR & Compliance Center—and incorporating additional tools and features to provide even more valuable insights and guidance.

We place a strong focus on engaging with our customers and ensuring their success. You can continue to expect regular updates on new features and product enhancements, training resources, and webinars to help you maximize the value of our solutions. We will also be actively seeking your feedback to continually improve our solutions based on customer needs.

We uniquely leverage AI + our proven human intelligence (HI) to deliver critical trusted data and insights efficiently—streamlining your research time and reducing HR costs.

Using data from millions of employees around the globe, our 10,000+ customers, like you, can make informed decisions with confidence.

Over 11,000 trusted HR resources, tools, leading practice templates and insights can help you confidently navigate the evolving world of work.