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Rapidly changing workplaces rely on agile, data-driven decision-making

HR professionals are facing more challenges than ever, ranging from managing new ways of working to increased competition for talent and the need to champion inclusive employment practices. But these new challenges can also unlock new opportunities for smart, data-driven and well-resourced HR teams.

Our HR solutions reduce risk, boost efficiency and add value to your business by giving your team access to trusted data, analytics and insights.

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Compliance Insight & Automation

Turn regulatory complexity into HR-led business value by reducing risk and lowering cost.

Our Compliance Insight & Automation products equip HR and compliance leaders with tools to craft robust HR strategies, manage diverse workforces and navigate employment law efficiently. By integrating human expertise and AI, Brightmine helps proactively address compliance challenges, minimise risks and optimise HR operations. Read more

Compensation Planning & Equity Analytics

Transform compensation management into a catalyst for improving talent attraction and retention.

Our Compensation Planning & Equity Analytics products empower HR and compensation leaders to build talent and reward strategies that improve employee engagement, achieve pay equity and mitigate risk. Brightmine solutions provide continuous, trusted insights directly from workforce data and benchmark payroll data from industry-leading sources. Read more

We enable brighter business and human outcomes

Attract and retain top talent

Access the freshest and most robust compensation data so you can to make sure your organisation is offering competitive reward packages that can help you keep hold of talent.

Develop proactive and inclusive policies and practices with access to the most comprehensive source of employment law guidance and leading practice.

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Create equitable reward strategies

Identify and resolve the causes of pay disparities quickly with pay analytics solutions that allow you to model and implement pay structures that promote career progression.

Our HR solutions leverage trusted insights and rewards data to comply with deadlines, avoid penalties and achieve pay equity.

Predict how industry and workforce changes, from representation to compensation and composition, may impact future pay gaps.

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Stay compliant and reduce risk

Leverage the most comprehensive collection of HR resources, offering extensive coverage across the entire employee lifecycle.

Increase employee engagement with guidance, pre-built templates and insight.

Reduce risk by monitoring upcoming and pending legislation with automated alerts that keep you one step ahead on a local, national and global level.

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Increase agility and efficiency

Optimise compliance through AI-enabled technology that gives you more control over your HR operations to unlock more value and better performance.

Combine artificial intelligence with the knowledge and experience of our team to ensure that you and your team have access to trusted data and insights when you need them most.

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Deliver greater business impact

Brightmine transforms the way HR leaders use data to reduce risk and improve talent strategies to amplify HR and business impact.

With a unique combination of critical workforce data, AI-enabled technology and trusted HR expertise, Brightmine enables you to make smarter, more impactful decisions.

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Complementing enterprise HCM

As a leading, global provider of workforce data, analytics and insight, we’ve designed our products to seamlessly integrate with existing HR technology and infrastructure. Our product portfolio transforms how organisations use data, analytics and insight to reduce risk, improve talent strategies and increase HR impact.

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Simplifying compliance and insight for SMEs

Data, analytics and insights for brighter business outcomes

Every business, every role and every employee is different, so we’ve developed a range of HR solutions that can flex to meet your specific role and responsibilities.

Trusted by the world’s best HR teams

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Rebecca Tipton

HR Manager

“The Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre provides very helpful information at a glance that includes source reference information. I have used it in a lot of ways, but one of the least expected benefits was the emails that come through daily identifying any changes to content based on legislative updates. These are so helpful in keeping up with state and municipality employment updates when you work with multiple states!!”

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Five Guys

Sara Thompson

Vice President of Human Resources

“The team truly finds the Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre to be a one-stop shop resource where they can find the information they need in a short amount of time, helping them to be more efficient and independent. In my opinion, it’s well worth the money.”

Mencap logo

Mencap Ltd

Jen Stoneman

Business Partner

“I love the Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre! I use it to check things I already know but want to double check and for templates rather than drafting everything from scratch.”

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Pacific Oaks College and Children’s School

Jane Sawyer

Associate Vice President

“Thorough and timely information is provided in easy-to-read language. The annual review of our employee handbook along with the various state supplements is coming up. The Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre is my go-to resource to help me with this project.”