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Boost transparency and close pay gaps 

Monitoring, managing and uncovering issues and trends relating to pay equity is crucial for organisations. To protect your people and your reputation, you need to be confident that you’re treating your people fairly and ethically. 

From promotions and new hires to long-standing employees, the composition of your pay structures is constantly evolving. Pay Equity Analytics makes it easier to track and report on pay data with a range of customisable filters, including role, gender, demographic and more.

Key features
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Create and test strategies to close pay gaps

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Access a personalised view of pay disparities

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Standardise reporting across your organisation

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Review data against goals and targets

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View and filter data easily

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Continuously track and manage data

How we help you

Want to go beyond Microsoft Excel?

90% of organisations are still using Microsoft Excel for HR data analysis. Pay Equity Analytics gives you so much more flexibility, insights and reporting capability.

Need a clearer view of inequality across key demographics?

Whether it’s to protect your reputation or stay in line with labour laws, customisable filters enable you to stay on top of pay issues within specific groups.

Working towards ambitious goals?

Adjusting salaries across your organisation is something you can’t afford to get wrong. Our workforce planning tools allow you to model scenarios before implementing solutions.

Need to flex with changing demands?

If something changes with your organisation, you can easily upload new workforce data to see how this impacts your goals and objectives.

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Diverse workforces typically outperform less inclusive competitors

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90% of organisations are still using Excel for HR data analysis

Trusted by the world’s best HR teams

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SUEZ Group

Sue Langdon

HR Systems Analyst

“Using Brightmine Pay Equity Analytics has enabled us to quickly and easily understand pay disparities in our organisation.”

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Condé Nast

“The Brightmine software has allowed us to feel confident about pay analysis. They have taken the time to understand us as a company, and their customer service has been above and beyond our expectations – responsive and endeavouring to meet our queries and demands as quickly as possible.”

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“Brightmine Pay Equity Analytics has provided us the data intelligence, insight and expertise we needed to better understand data in real-time, enabling us to take targeted action at every point in the employee lifecycle.”

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SUEZ Group

Sue Langdon

HR Systems Analyst

“Over the years, Brightmine Pay Equity Analytics has continually upgraded its software. It provides lots of new features to enable companies to delve into their data and identify potential problems. For example, the ability to look at pay gaps besides gender. We are now in the process of using it for our ethnicity pay gap reporting.”

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Customer story: The SUEZ Group

Ensuring pay equity for all employees

With operational employees making up the majority of the UK workforce, SUEZ Group was experiencing occupational segregation, which resulted in a pay gap that the company was keen to improve on.

Brightmine Pay Equity Analytics provided key insights into SUEZ’s hiring and pay practices, allowing the company to address representation, its gender pay gap and other pay gaps with confidence.

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