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Get deeper insights with the right data

Whether you’re looking to build a greater understanding of pay trends and gaps within your organisation or benchmark your packages against other leaders in the market, Brightmine is here to help you uncover insights from your data and make informed decisions to drive impact across your organisation.

Pay Equity Analytics enables you to spot, eliminate and report on pay gaps with ease. With Compensation Planning, which houses a comprehensive HR data set of over one million UK employees that refreshes every 30 days, you can make decisions and create reward strategies based on the very latest data.

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Suez Group

Sue Langdon
HR System Analyst

“Over the years, Brightmine has continually upgraded its software. It provide lots of new features to enable companies to delve into their data and identify potential problems. For example, the ability to look at pay gaps besides gender. We are now in the process of using it for our ethnicity pay gap reporting.”

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