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A trusted partner that reduces risk and improves decision-making

We’re here to give HR leaders the control and confidence to make smarter, more informed decisions. With in-depth coverage of HR legislation and leading practices, we enable leaders to get the best out of their people, stay compliant and build a culture that drives progress across the organisation.

Key features
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Unmatched HR and legal expertise

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The most comprehensive collection of HR resources

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Local, national and global templates and resources

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Automatic alerts and proactive tracking of the ever-evolving HR legislation

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Reduce risk of legal claims by being ahead and proactive on compliance

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Expert help and guidance 24/7

How we help you

Compliance taking up too much of your time?

Access all the tools, resources and templates you need in one place. The HR & Compliance Centre saves you hours of research and reduces the need for external legal consultancy.

Want to bring the best out of your people?

Being able to deliver best practice solutions relies largely on having the right resources at the right time. Our HR & Compliance Centre supports across the employee lifecycle with templates, polices and insights to deliver return on investment and real results.

Dealing with the overwhelming complexity of a global workforce?

The HR & Compliance Centre helps you and your team retain talent and remain compliant in multiple countries with automated tracking of employment legislation across the UK, Netherlands and the USA. It also provides international guides with in-depth coverage of employment law and HR practices across 41 diverse countries worldwide.

Under pressure to reduce risk?

Being equipped with the knowledge and data your organisation needs to stay compliant enables you to reduce errors and uncertainty. It also empowers you and your team with the confidence to focus on driving your business forward.

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83% of CHROs report retention trouble

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The top five areas HR leaders are focusing on

Key Capabilities

International country guides

Guidance for global employers with employees in selected countries, with a suite of employment law guides.

Covering 41 countries, our guides help mitigate the risk of complying with a constantly changing, complex legal landscape.

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Ask our experts

Access a team of professionals for support across a wide range of HR topics and employment law issues.

Our experts can provide guidance, second opinions, and coaching through various HR challenges.

Specific to the US market

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Benchmarking HR metrics

An interactive resource to assess and benchmark HR & employment practices against industry standards.

Tailor results by company size, industry sector, and region.

Specific to the UK market

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Legal advice

Connect with Markel Law LLP, a top UK advice line operator, for legal answers from practicing employment lawyers.

Specific to the UK market

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Trusted by the world’s best HR teams

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Employer Services Corporation

Katie Adrain

HR Business Partner

“I can always find useful resources on the Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre to assist me with day-to-day tasks. Its job descriptions, employee manuals, regular updates on compliance issues, how-to resources, template letters…so many great resources! It has saved me a lot of time and allowed me to support clients quicker. Additionally, I trust the resources are up-to-date and accurate.”

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Woodford Heating & Energy Ltd.

Sharon Wood

People Experience Director

“I use the Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre for letter templates, reminders on how to process actions correctly, legal updates, creating policies, and advising and coaching managers. It provides trusted data, good templates, and it’s easy to use”

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DeNOVO Solutions LLC

Katherine Gerson

HR Manager

“The Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre has been extremely helpful in ensuring we are operating in alignment with current legislation and ones we were not aware of.”

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Mencap Ltd

“I love the Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre! I use it to check things I already know but want to double-check and for templates rather than drafting everything from scratch.”

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Customer story: BMSS, LLC

Streamlining HR compliance research

As an HR services manager for BMSS, LLC, Rebecca Tipton has the challenging and time-consuming task of managing the high volume of legislative and policy changes while remaining cost-efficient for her clients.

Learn how the Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre saved Rebecca time and simplified multi-state compliance challenges through timely alerts and in-depth compliance guidance.

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