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Brightmine empowers HR leaders with critical data, analytics and insight

Learn more about our journey to transform our business to better support HR leaders in today's complex workforce …


5 must-have workplace policies for your employee handbook

Discover five workplace policies every employee handbook should have to ensure compliance and support an excellent employee experience.


Proven strategies to advance gender equity at work

Review five proven strategies that have a real, sustainable impact on gender equity at work.

Case studies

A North Star guiding HR in M&A transitions

Learn how the Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre helped Mindstream Media navigate the HR complexities of several mergers …


2024 pay forecast: falling inflation resulting in a drop in pay awards

Pay awards, which have dropped for the second consecutive rolling quarter, are now on a downward trend, according …

Case studies

Brightmine helps Five Guys serve up better employee experiences

Learn how the Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre provided the Five Guys HR team with easily accessible resources …

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A precise salary benchmarking tool accelerates growth

Learn how Brightmine Compensation Planning helped Dearden HR enhance its compensation services with highly accurate data, detailed benchmarking …

Case studies

Empowering a new HR leader with the Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre

Learn how the Brightmine HR & Compliance Centre helped Sensory Spectrum navigate growing pains with expert compliance guidance …

Case studies

Brightmine Pay Equity Analytics makes sustainable progress a reality

Brightmine Pay Equity Analytics provided key insights into SUEZ’s hiring and pay practices, allowing the company to make …