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Pay Trends July 2024: National Living Wage changes keep pay awards at 4.9%

The latest Brightmine data reveals deals collected in a matched sample analysis are worth less than that awarded …


5 ways to improve performance improvement plan outcomes

Most performance improvement plans (PIPs) are woefully ineffective. Discover key changes you can make to PIPs to get …

Guides – How to

Pay equity vs. pay equality: knowing the difference

Pay equity and pay equality may sound similar, but they have important differences HR leaders should understand. Learn …


2024 General election: top 10 possible employment law changes

Now that Labour have won the general election, what will happen to the employment law plans already announced …


2023 gender pay gap report

Stay abreast of the latest pay gap trends. Review our analysis of the 2023 gender pay gap data.


Is Gen Z an employer’s nightmare?

Rumour has it, Gen Z is an employer's nightmare. Get to the truth, and learn how to harness …


Improving employee wellbeing in the new era of work

Employee wellbeing in the workplace is suffering on a global level. Learn how to make a difference with …

Guides – How to

Create an excellent employee value proposition

Transforming your employee value proposition to maximise the employee experience may be the key to talent success. Learn …


10 things to include in your AI policy

AI policies can do more than ensure compliance. Learn about 10 policy provisions that will help facilitate effective …