A comprehensive compensation strategy checklist for today’s workforce

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Find out how your organisation should manage and evolve your compensation strategy

As employees increasingly prioritise holistic wellbeing and family over the traditional “rat race” mentality around salary, they seek a more personalised employee experience and enhanced compensation that provides more than just a suitable wage.

Since 2020, employees have had to navigate the financial stressors of a pandemic, skyrocketing inflation, and now, news of layoffs at companies known for championing employee experience. Meanwhile, employers are facing a subdued economic environment while trying to meet varying employee expectations around pay and reward.

For a compensation strategy to succeed in an era of fluctuating workforce conditions, it not only needs to be managed — it needs to evolve. This checklist covers what you need to develop and optimise your employee compensation strategy.

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    How do we build strategies for brighter talent experiences?

    Get ready for your compensation program in 2024. Find out key areas to focus on to evolve your pay and reward strategies with our comprehensive checklist.


    Reduce cost-of-living expenses for employees


    Use surveys, personalised and innovative approaches


    Benchmark employee benefits and pay data

    Performance & pay

    Advance employee growth; prioritise wellness

    Legal compliance

    Invest in cost-effective compliance tech

    Pay equity

    Analyse and close pay gaps with software

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