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How to leverage change management in HR

AI, new laws, complex social challenges, and more are completely transforming HR. Learn how to navigate these developments …

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Pay equity vs. pay equality: knowing the difference

Pay equity and pay equality may sound similar, but they have important differences HR leaders should understand. Learn …

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How to improve the employee experience with people analytics

Your employee experience can make or break your talent strategy. People analytics can help. Learn how to maximize …

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How to launch a fair compensation strategy

Fair compensation is about more than your pay gap or pay transparency. Learn how to turn your fair …


6 ways to improve inclusive communication at work

Inclusive communication isn't just a buzzword. It's a key piece of any successful DEI strategy. Here are six …


AI and human resources: why AI is HR’s best new partner

AI and human resources is a partnership for the ages. Learn why AI is so important and how …

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How to carry out an employee skills assessment

Employees must prepare for the future of work. Understand what new skills they need with an employee skills …


Build employee skills now for the work of tomorrow

By 2028, changes in the world of work will disrupt almost half of employee skills. Learn how a …


Pay structures: what they are and how to use them

Learn how a competitive and sustainable pay structure can help you attract and retain talent, prevent inequities and …